Manufacturing quality Australian Golf Clubs

Garmin Approach S6 Watch

Garmin's Approach S6 - Featuring Swing Training

Avon Chamois Grip

Avon grips have been an industry staple for years. The Chamois and Nexus grips have stood the test of time. These are still proving to be a fantastic grip.

KBS Shafts

Find out why KBS is taking the golfing world by storm...

Mini Golf Supplies

Dynacast has been servicing Mini Golf Courses for over 30 years. Our putters have seen literally millions of rounds. Find out more about the products we run...

The Dynacast Advantage

Dynacast has been producing quality golf equipment for the Australian market for over 30 years. Over this time a solid reputation has been gained for quality equipment at a very reasonable price. With the majority of the assembly process still being done in Australia, by Australians, Dynacast is continuing with its commitment to local input where other companies are outsourcing every process bar the despatching. This emphasis on assembling here in our factory gives us a much better level of quality control, while also being able to offer many more options in club make up and configuration. 

In more recent times Dynacast has taken the opportunity to add other quality brand names to its line up. Karakal, Tacki-Mac and Avon Grips, KBS Shafts and the Garmin Golf GPS range are just some of the other product we distribute. With an even greater product line up, Dynacast has now become even more so a one stop shop to the Australian golf trade.